Prison Charity

Mar 15, 2019

What Does a Prison Charity Do?

As a prison charity one of HACRO’s main responsibilities is to offer support to offenders and their families. 

Rehabilitation is a key role of a prison charity, for an offender to have a connection to their family and friends and a sense of purpose is very important to an offenders rehabilitation.

HACRO also celebrate the successes of the ex-offenders that are supported through HACRO’s various prison charity schemes.

“Ex-offenders who turned their lives around from the most appalling circumstances were celebrated in the HACRO Achievement Awards. One theme that ran like a thread through all their stories was that someone believed in them through thick and thin. As a charity we believe in them too”.

Neil Ashley – Chair of HACRO

Families of offenders: Advice

‘Imprisonment affects more than the prisoner’

When someone goes to prison it can effect greatly upon the families of the offender.

Families of offenders are an integral part of the offenders journey.

Maintaining good relationships and knowing that support is available can make it easier to cope and can also reduce the risk of re-offending upon release.

It is very important that families of offenders feel comfortable and safe when visiting especially when bringing children:

27,571 adults and 10,817 children used the Visitors’ Centre – that’s 38,388 visitors annually.

A prison charity plays a crucial role in making prisons safer places in which to rehabilitate criminals.

Charities Helping Prisoners

Prisoners need to get support while serving their sentence so that they can re-integrate themselves back into society upon release.

Aside from HACRO there are a number of other charities that help prisoners:

Please take a look here for a list of useful prison charities or other services that HACRO partners with or work with

To get involved or become a volunteer for HACRO please email: