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Prison Charity. HACRO is a Hertfordshire based charity that’s been working since 1974:

For the care and resettlement of offenders. We believe in second chances. We help people who’ve been on the wrong side of the law to get their lives back on track focussing on Family Support and Employment Support. Keeping family relationships going and having a job mean a lower likelihood of reoffending. Our work depends on our fantastic group of volunteers, partners, donors and supporters and we are very grateful to them all.

 84,648 people were in prison in June 2017. 59 will never be released; but the rest will. 44% of adults, and 59% of those on less than 12 month sentences, re-offend within a year. The cost – to society, to the victims of crime, to the police, courts, prison and probation services, to the wasted potential of the prisoners themselves, and to their families – is £13 billion a year. (All the figures are the government’s own.)

Supporting Families

At our local prison, HMP The Mount in Bovingdon, we work to make prison visits less stressful for families and children. 25,000 adults visit the prison annually. Most pass through the Visitors Centre where our volunteers run a tea bar. 4,898 accompanied children go into the Visits Hall, where they can safely use a play area where HACRO volunteers work alongside supervisors from our partners in CDA Herts.

Our Caring Dads programme delivers parenting skills to men against whom there have been allegations of domestic abuse. 27 dads completed the required 15 sessions last year.

Supporting Employment

58 men at The Mount were helped by our volunteer business tutors to develop plans for self-employment on release. 29 men got accredited training as baristas while they worked in the coffee bars at HMP Bedford and HMP the Mount.

In the community, 25 men worked on training projects in our Leaving Prison Behind programme. This year we will mentor 30 clients under Project STRIVE, a Herts County Council initiative to build better opportunities for employment with 27 charities backed by the Big Lottery and the European Social Fund. Our Small Grants programme helps people get started when they have very little to start with.

We are working on new partnership initiatives to bring accredited training to ex-offenders and help them into work.

Raising Awareness

Rehabilitation is not a popular cause, but it is vital if we are to tackle the unacceptable levels of reoffending. Keeping this in the public eye is an important side of our work.

The HACRO Achievement Awards highlight extraordinarily hard journeys some people make from prison to a productive life in the local community, as well as those helping them do it.

Our annual Conferences focus on key issues like employment; housing; prisoners’ families and attract strong support from opinion leaders and criminal justice professionals.

Attracting ten times these audiences in our digital world are our website and our Facebook pages, regularly updated with blogs about everything we do and care about to promote rehabilitation.