Giving offenders a second chance.


Giving offenders a second chance.


Giving offenders a second chance.

Due to the Coronavirus many of our activities are currently suspended. 
HMP The Mount is closed to visitors therefore the Visitors Centre is closed, although a helpline is available on 07464559736 or email themount@hacro.org.uk for basic information about prison life during lockdown. Please note that information about individuals is not available. 
All group programmes are suspended for BBO/Strive, Caring Dads and WorkAbility until the easing of the social distancing restrictions. 
Remote 1:1 support is being offered to BBO/STRIVE clients.
A new remote interim support project for fathers referred to our Caring Dads programme has been developed. New referrals should be sent to office@hacro.org.uk   please download a referral form here
We help people who’ve been on the wrong side of the law to get their lives back on track by focusing on both Family Support and the creation of Employment. This is proven to lessen reoffending.

Our work depends on our fantastic group of volunteers, partners, donors and supporters and we are very grateful to them all.

84,648 people were in prison in June 2017. 59 will never be released; but the rest will and unless helped, over half will re-offend with in the first 12 months of release.. According to the Government this costs tax payers over £13 billion a year (to society, to the victims of crime, to the police, courts, prison and probation services).

Reducing re-offending is therefore a win – win – win, for society (and victims), the tax payer and for offenders – we enable them to get their lives back on track.

Our Vision: is a world in which everyone on the wrong side of the law has the chance to turn their lives around and lead a life fully contributing to society.

Our Misson: is to offer support for offenders, potential offenders and their families to manage positive change in their lives; to engage with influential partners in the community of Hertfordshire and neighbouring counties; and work to establish a range of educational and training initiatives with a focus on gaps in provision.

What we deliver


“Prison in the Community, Community in the prison”

“Rebuilding the relationship with their children”



“Getting ex-offenders into work”


Raising Awareness

Keeping rehabilitation in the public eye.

The HACRO Achievement Awards highlight extraordinarily hard journeys some people make from prison to a productive life in the local community, as well as those helping them do it.

Our annual Conferences focus on key issues like employment; housing; prisoners’ families and attract strong support from opinion leaders and criminal justice professionals.

We use the digital space to stay connected, using Facebook and blogs about everything we do and care about promoting rehabilitation.

Supporting Families

At our local prison, HMP The Mount in Bovingdon, we work to make prison visits less stressful for families and children. Most pass through the Visitors Centre where our volunteers run a tea bar. 5,602 accompanied children go into the Visits Hall, where they can safely use a play area where HACRO volunteers work alongside supervisors from our partners in CDA Herts.

Our Caring Dads programme delivers parenting skills to men against whom there have been allegations of domestic abuse. 16 dads completed the required 15 sessions last year.

Supporting Employment

27,571 adults and 10,817 children were welcomed in the Visitors’ Centre at HMP The Mount where our volunteers work
14,595 Visitors to HMP The Mount used the Cool Bean Café coffee bar in the Visits Hall which we run
17 Baristas were trained at HMP The Mount and HMP Bedford
6 of the 34 we mentored in BBO Strive are no longer designated as persistent and prolific offenders
17 of our mentees on BBO Strive have not re-offended at all since working with us on the programme