Working with offenders

Feb 17, 2019

Working with offenders: Why is it a good idea for an offender to think about employment or starting up their own business?

HACRO offer a number of programmes for offenders which focus on planning for employment/self-employment: to enable them to turn their lives around.

Applying for jobs can be a stressful process for anyone and ex-offenders can be written off straight away with Employers automatically “filtering out” ex-offenders within their search for potential employment.

Percentage of ex-offenders who reoffend after release?

Prison has a poor record for reducing reoffending —nearly half of adults (48%) are reconvicted within one year of release. For those serving sentences of less than 12 months this increases to 64%.

How HACRO have helped ex-offenders get into Employment/Self Employment:

We want someone to stop offending, it is a great help if they have somewhere to live, a supportive family and a job. The Workability and Project Strive programmes are all about that last step

  • 6 of the 34 we mentored in BBO Strive are no longer designated as persistent and prolific offenders
  • 17 of our mentees on BBO Strive have not re-offended at all since working with us on the programme

Please click link for more info about how HACRO’s  support and initiatives can help offenders:

Are you an entrepreneur or do you run your own business and would like to help an offender get back on the right track?

help an offender get back on the right track - HACRO

Could you offer work experience, placements and jobs or would you be willing to talk to participants about what is expected in the workplace? email us here to receive further information or to apply:

How hard is it for an ex-offender to start up a business?

Starting up a business can always have its own risks and can be hard work but with the help of HACRO we offer ex-offenders the chance to go away with a business plan and the confidence to start up their business.

With your support, we can get more businesses started and this will help improve the lives of ex-offenders, their families and give you a sense of achievement!