Skills for Life

Qualified Tutors

Our fully trained Teachers and Trainers work with Participants to deliver a number of courses, many of which have accreditation available such as City & Guilds Level 2 in Food Hygiene, Level 2 qualifications in Customer Service, Health & Safety and ICT.

Skills for Life

Once our Participants are engaged, case meetings are used to identify the relevant Skills for Life and courses are run to address these needs. These are broken into three areas:-

1. Development

Communication Skills

Some of our Participants wish to help young people avoid their mistakes. HACRO’s Public Speaking course focuses on improving all aspects of communication skills. Some Participants now present to students at Pupil Referral Units where they talk about the reality of life on the wrong side of the law. This has been highly impactful, changing the attitudes and perceptions of some young people and reaffirming the determination of our Participants to leave offending behind, enhancing their self-esteem and helping them feel they are making a positive contribution. The school and Police are keen to do more and funding has been sought from the PCC.


Some Participants struggle with literacy so we are partnering with the Shannon Trust to implement their Turning Pages reading scheme. However we determined that comprehension (understanding official paperwork, forms etc.) and writing (how to complete responses to official forms) are equally problematic for our participants. Our Tutors are therefore adapting the Shannon Trust scheme to focus on this.”

Lite Bite

This is our HACRO-designed literacy course aimed at identifying areas of support and individualised training for our Participants.

Money Management

Managing money is a core skill for Participants. Training here covers basic budgeting and money management to enable Participants to make wise choices.

2. Wellbeing


Involves reading and understanding recipes (literacy), calculating and measuring quantities (numeracy), understanding the importance of hygiene, understanding nutritional value to different foods, costing ingredients and comparing prices (budgeting) and healthy eating.  Participants learn to prepare food from scratch which is cheaper and more nutritious than ready meals or takeaways. Level 2 City & Guilds available for those wishing to enter catering.

Health and Safety

An understanding of Health and Safety is essential in the workplace, particularly the construction industry. Level 2 Health and Safety qualifications are available.

Customer Service

Customer service involves treating others as yo would wish to be treated which incorporates respecting and valuing others, equality and diversity. Our approach addresses the topic in the context of life as well as the workplace.

Self Management

Our tutors are qualified counsellors as well as holding teaching/training qualifications. They are able to run courses in anger management, coping with anxiety and depression, managing stress in the workplace and other personal development and coping needs.

3. Relationships

Dedicated Dads

Developed by HACRO as a 1:1 remote counselling service, Dedicated Dads helps Participants integrate fully into family life and understand their role both in the family and as a father through an understanding of children’s needs and development.