A HACRO History

HACRO (Hertfordshire Association for the Care and Rehabilitation of Offenders) was officially born at a meeting of 120 people on 7th March 1974 at which the then President of Nacro, Lord Donaldson, welcomed its inauguration. Since then HACRO has become renowned locally, in its area of expertise, for the services that it provides.

Initially HACRO looked into problems of hostel accommodation, the project prison at Bovingdon, education in schools, basic skills and awareness of community needs.

A membership scheme was introduced (now £15 per year) which now has 120 members.

Today the charity has grown to become an invaluable resource to offenders trying to turn their lives around and to Probation, Social Services and the Police who value the work to reduce reoffending across the country.

Alongside this, HACRO has a comprehensive network of relationships with other charities who provide services to our Participants or refer their clients to us.

In the early years HACRO was run on a totally voluntary base and today has a small, specialist paid staff supported by a group of committed volunteers.

    Over the years HACRO has supported and run numerous project a few of which are listed here:

    • 3 Rivers Victim Support
    • Scheme Centre 33 - a drop in center for the homeless
    • The Saturday Action Group - IT Community based scheme
    • Visitors Centre at HMP The Mount
    • Projects in the Community
    • Leaving Prison Behind
    • Parenting Courses
    • Dedicated Dads
    • Visits Hall Coffee Bar
    • Prison Mini Bus Service
    • Watford Queens Road Hostel
    • Play Area within HMP The Mount
    • Step Inside - Volunteers into Prison
    • Small Grants
    • Building Better Opportunities
    • Caring Dads