Resettlement of offenders

Apr 26, 2019

Resettlement of offenders – what is resettlement?

Resettlement is a term used by prisons to describe resettling back into the community upon release and preparation for life after prison.

There are a number of organisations who are there to support ex-offenders upon release with their main aims being:

  • Reducing re-offending
  • Influence positive changes in offenders behaviour
  • Help with housing/employment and finance

There are a number of organisations that focus on rehabilitation like London Community Rehabilitation Company

From 1st February 2015, they have introduced:

‘Through the Gate’ services for those sentenced to less than 12 months in prison – those who are at greatest risk of re-offending.

These services include housing, employment, finance and debt advice.

They also concentrate on ‘Restorative Justice’ which is the process of bringing together those harmed by crime or conflict with those responsible for the harm. To then find a positive way forward and gives victims a chance to tell offenders about the harm and distress they may have caused so that the offender can understand the real impact their crimes have had.

Look to the future

Rehabilitation for ex-offenders is key to reducing  re-offending. The person can look to the future with the goal of being a fully restored citizen in the community.

HACRO are here to help and support ex-offenders on the journey to become a fully restored citizen, please look below at our list of services that offer support.

Caring Dads –


Getting Ex-offenders into Work –