High Sheriff’s visit to Caring Dads

Apr 5, 2017

“Breaking the cycle of domestic abuse was the main theme for my year as High Sheriff.  I was delighted to visit the Caring Dads Programme, meet the dads and Group Facilitators and sit in during part of a group session.  I was heartened by the dads’ reports of the positive changes they had made to their relationships and communications with their children and to other areas of their lives.  The Group Facilitators had clearly created a positive and non-stigmatising group environment, enabling the dads to take responsibility for their behaviours, recognise their strengths and bring about behaviour change that would improve the life-chances of their children.”

HACRO would like to thank Stelio Stefanou for his work supporting the criminal justice sector and HACRO in particular during his year in office.

High Sheriff HACRO's Caring Dads

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