Getting Local Business Support for HACRO WorkAbility

Dec 7, 2017

A key objective of HACRO WorkAbility is to develop links with the Hertfordshire business community, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises.

Many Hertfordshire businesses, particularly in the construction and hospitality sectors, are now looking for alternative post-Brexit sources to fill vacancies. WorkAbility gives businesses an opportunity to consider the talent pool that is available among ex-offenders as part of their manpower planning.

Ex-offenders who have completed a WorkAbility course will have been risk assessed. They will have shown they are ready to take the next step into work. By offering the opportunity of work experience, firms can see how an individual fits in their business. If they go on to offering the trainee a job they will be dealing with someone they have got to know well. And trainees can see whether the business is what they are looking for. Even if the work experience placement doesn’t lead to a job, the trainee will have something further to add to their CV.

HACRO is meeting with a number of local businesses to discuss how WorkAbility could meet their needs. We hope to make an announcement early in the new year about Hertfordshire business involvement in the WorkAbility programme.

Fergus McMullen, Chair of the Hertfordshire Criminal Justice Board Community Liaison Group, said, “This project joins the dots between someone getting sentenced to do unpaid work in the community and someone getting a job. If it works, it’s a win-win for the ex-offender and for the business community. I wish it every success.”

If you run a business, or are involved in recruitment, and are interested in considering whether an ex-offender could join your workforce, or would like to discuss WorkAbility further, please get in touch.

Contact details:
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