Caring Dads, A Participant’s view of the Course

Aug 10, 2017

Caring Dads is a course to help men become better fathers. Things they don’t teach in school and you are somehow supposed to know, like how children develop and learn, how to use praise instead of criticism, how to protect them from adult concerns and work constructively with their Mum to give them a happy childhood and reach their potential.

They don’t stay kids for long – you need to make the most of their childhood, have a good relationship with them and enjoy doing things with them.

When you are wrapped up in a relationship with their Mum you don’t realise how much they pick up – even if they aren’t in the same room when you are having a row they can still hear it and feel the tension.  After parents separate there can be a lot of anger and bitterness but you need to think about what’s best for the children and work together for their sake.  They need to know that their parents love them enough to bury their differences.

The course can be challenging at times, but it gives men the opportunity to talk about the things that matter – things you don’t discuss at the pub with your mates.  The other guys on the course know what it’s all about because they are in a similar position and can be a great support.   It also helps you understand how other people react to your behaviour and think about things from other people’s point of view. It teaches you to think before you act and helps you to keep your anger under control.

How has the course helped? – Some views:

“Ultimately this will help you be a better father to your children. They are worth it!” Liam.

To stay calm and think first.  Act after weighing up my options.  Look at the situation from the other party’s point of view.  Avoid antagonising anyone and careful not to escalate a situation by thinking before acting impulsively.” Duncan

“I think that all dads should do this course as I think that everyone would benefit from it in some way or another.  When I first started I didn’t think it would teach me anything but I have learned such a lot and it’s improved my understanding of how much children learn and what effects my behaviour has on them.” Martin.

In the last full calendar year there have been 27 participants who have attended the minimum required 15 sessions on the caring Dads Courses