Volunteering in Hertfordshire

Jan 18, 2019

Volunteering HACRO

Volunteering in Hertfordshire:

HACRO offers ‘volunteering in Hertfordshire opportunities’ and some paid work too!

We currently have 57 volunteers and a handful of paid staff, we are looking to build a stronger team and provide you with some great local volunteering opportunities.

Volunteering near me?

If you are a student trying to figure out your career path, retired or simply just have spare time on your hands then volunteering could be for you!

Volunteer work can be very fulfilling and has a lot of benefits both mentally and physically such as:

  • A sense of achievement by helping your community
  • Gets you out being more active
  • Gain new knowledge and skills for potential employers
  • Meet new people and get more connected with people from different cultures/backgrounds
  • Gets you back into a routine
  • Feel like you’re part of a team

All of these benefits can make you happier in your life and also give you a chance to do something you might not usually have the chance to do and make a difference to the lives of others.

Volunteer in Prison, Volunteer Hertfordshire

Volunteering at Bovingdon Prison:

There are a number of roles that a volunteer can take on, these include:

Visitor Centre:

Individuals and families arrive from all parts.  First stop on arrival is to come into the Visitor Centre to be ‘checked in’ by Prison Staff but also to rest and wait for the time of their visit.  As a Visitor Centre Volunteer you may be the first person they meet, welcoming them, ensuring they know how everything works, showing them the children’s toys, the lockers and serving them at the cafe.  Your positive and friendly attitude is just what they need in a busy environment, with their thoughts focused on the imminent meeting with the prisoner who they may not have seen for a while.

Great customer service and a warm smile are very much what we are looking for in a Visitor Centre Volunteer.  If that is you please get in touch!

Visitor Centre Volunteers should be available to offer at least two sessions per month – each 3 hours in duration. The Visitor Centre is open every day.  

Despite the fact that this role does not require you to enter the prison, for security reasons we will obtain prison security clearance and a DBS check if you are accepted on our team.  

Volunteering in the prison:

Volunteering in Hertfordshire at the prison: There are numerous roles based inside the prison, in the Education Department, the Chapel, admin or other areas where volunteers can be deployed.  Please contact HACRO and let us discuss where opportunities are available and where you think you may be best suited.

One of our tea bar volunteers says:

Since I started I’ve really enjoyed being there. The staff and visitors are lovely and always grateful that you’re there. I only planned on doing a couple of days a month, but seem to be there most weeks.”

How to become a volunteer:

Becoming a volunteer at HMP Mount in Bovingdon is very easy, please click on the email link below and send us your name and we will get back to you.