HACRO are working with offenders and offer help for ex-offenders. Our aim is to offer resettlement to offenders and also help by supporting families.    



is a world in which everyone on the wrong side of the law has the chance to turn their lives around and lead a life fully contributing to society.


is to offer support for offenders, potential offenders and their families to manage positive change in their lives; to engage with influential partners in the community of Hertfordshire and neighbouring counties; and work to establish a range of educational and training initiatives with a focus on gaps in provision.

Your donation can help get someone's life get back on track

See our current initiatives Below.


Will buy new identity papers/ birth certificate for an ex offender who’s lost them


Will pay for a prisoner’s Barista exam


Will pay for an abusive father to become a better dad through Caring Dads


Will run our Leaving Prison Behind programme for one week

Prisoner Helps Peers

Prisoner Helps Peers. HACRO recognizes a serving prisoner who has helped other prisoners change their lives. At their recent Achievement Awards, HACRO recognized a serving prisoner at HMP The Mount with the full support of the prison Governor. The man, who must remain...

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Exceptional Couple Who Never Gave Up

Exceptional couple: HACRO Achievement Awards recognize an exceptional couple who never gave up on their prodigal son. HACRO Achievement Awards celebrate the success of some of those who have not only turned away from crime but have turned their lives around; and they...

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HACRO Achievement Awards 2018

HACRO Achievement Awards 2018: HACRO celebrates those who’ve changed lives in Achievement Awards 2018. The HACRO Achievement Awards, now in their second year, celebrate the journeys some ex-offenders have made to turn their lives in a direction that is more meaningful...

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Service User 1

Working with HACRO has helped build my confidence. The projects are a great way to build up self esteem and learn how to work as part of a team. If I never had the projects run by HACRO I’d feel lost.


Service User 2

I came out of prison in August 2015. I’ve worked with Tony from HACRO since my release. Working on projects has boosted my self esteem and I have gained valuable knowledge from working alongside Tony.

Service User 3

I was released from jail onto C2 where I was introduced to HACRO at the IOM projects. Whilst here Tony helped me with getting a job with Blue Sky.He was a massive help with getting a job and keeping me on the straight and narrow.