• Leaving Prison Behind

    Leaving Prison

    For the last three years, HACRO has been working with Hertfordshire Constabulary on a programme which aims to assist the rehabilitation of prolific offenders. We deal with the hardest to reach cases; those who do not want to engage with the police and the probation service. We work with a small number from a group of around 100 who are responsible for a very large proportion of acquisitive crime – Burglary and Shoplifting – in Hertfordshire.

  • Making Prison Visits less Stressful


    HACRO has just celebrated its 40th Anniversary and during that time one of its main purposes has been to maintain and improve the links between a prisoner and his family and in particular with his children. It is recognised as a key factor in reducing offending and hence the overall level of crime. Visiting a prison is a stressful experience, and reducing that stress has long been one of the ways that HACRO has contributed in this area.

  • Caring Dads

    Dad and Baby

    Caring Dads is a 17 week parenting course for men who are alleged to have been abusive in their families. It is a cognitive behaviour therapy programme for up to 16 fathers and is delivered by trained facilitators with a background in child development or offender management. This programme is designed to enable men to improve their fathering skills and take responsibility for their children’s welfare and safety.

  • Business Education

    Class Room

    HACRO volunteers with business backgrounds work as mentors at HMP The Mount on the Education Department’s Business Enterprise programme. The course helps men in planning for employment on release, particularly self-employment. This interesting work involves discussing business plans and doing research for the men.

  • Coffee Bar Training

    Pouring cappuccino

    HACRO trains prisoners to become baristas while working in coffee bars in the visits halls of their prisons, they can gain valuable work experience and a recognized qualification to increase their employment prospects on release. As we all know coffee shops are a growth industry. The programme is a 3-way partnership between the prison + HACRO + our commercial partner, backed by a Service Level Agreement.

  • Small Grants

    Concept of a plant and a lot of golden coins isolated on white background

    HACRO’s small grants scheme provides vital support to offenders under supervision of the probation services and similar agencies. We receive up to 40 requests per year resulting in 15 to 20 grants awarded. Examples of requests granted include funding of ID, work clothes and housing essentials such as bedding.


HACRO and Business Tutoring at HMP The Mount

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High Sheriff HACRO's Caring Dads

High Sheriff’s visit to Caring Dads

05 April, 2017Posted In : News

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HACRO Recognised Twice in High Sheriff Awards 2017

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  • Without HACRO I would not have been able to turn my life around. I now have a great relationship with my family, due to the support of HACRO’S Caring Dad’s programme.

    Service User 1
  • As a mandatory life sentence prisoner, I would very much like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation in being given the privilege to work in the Visiting Hall, Barista Training Coffee Shop at HMP The Mount.

    Service User 2
  • Without HACRO helping me move on in life I would still be in the system, unable to move on in more positive directions. Thank you to all the team at HACRO for giving me trust and the chance to improve my life.

    Service User 3