Workability Case Studies

Case Study: Participant C

A victim of domestic abuse for many years until the death of her husband,
she was on probation for alcohol and driving offences. She lacked
confidence but joined a women-only course and attended regularly.

• Learned all the WorkAbility personal life skills
• Studied kitchen skills and food hygiene
• Successfully prepared and cooked meals in the training kitchen.
• Participated fully in the group sessions and bonded with other

Greatly increased self-confidence and communication skills
Lowered stress level and no longer suffers from panic attacks
Now active as a support volunteer for other WorkAbility
courses and contributes strongly to the learning of participants
Moved to a new house and is actively job hunting

“I can’t wait to get back to work.”

Case Study: Participant B

Although coming from a stable family situation, Participant B had fallen into a
drug habit. During his sentence he became clean from drugs but after release
he slipped back into his old ways and ended up in prison again. After his
second release he referred to WorkAbility as a positive way to help him to re-
enter the community.


• The course life skills sessions helped him to understand his own issues and
• He had the opportunity to discuss his issues and his past openly in a
supportive environment
• He participated enthusiastically in the cooking projects
• The course became an important part of his life


• B was able to transfer into HACRO’s Building Better Opportunities ‘Project
Strive’ when his course was terminated due to Covid-19
• Despite some personal misfortunes, his contact with both his HACRO
activities has maintained his morale.
• Last seen enthusiastically creating a vegetable stir fry during a HACRO
online Zoom cooking lesson!

“I really enjoyed it, it’s really useful, I feel more confident, I feel proud of
myself for doing my bits and bobs, my certificates, my CV, I’m showing
everyone I’m so proud of it. I’m sad to know it’s ending but we are hoping to
have a reunion because we all get on so well, I’ve made friends as well … I
needed to make positive friends, not hang around with the negative people,
so thanks.”  WorkAbility Participant 2019