Small Grants

Small Grants HACRO

Typically requests for small grants come from BeNCH CRC and the Police. Besides a number of work-related grants, requests are often for ex-offenders desperately needing the very basics of life, including this year: two weeks of lunches and fares before the first pay packet was received; access for a homeless man to a gym to enable him to wash himself; and winter clothing.

One of our HACRO Achievement Awards winners worked with us to receive a small grant for uniforms for a waiting job followed by our barista training – went on to set up her own mobile sandwich business. A real success story from a 25-year offending history, drug addiction, and a 45 months custodial sentence!

Please support our Small Grants Request fund.  For many years we have been providing small grants (up to £100) to offenders in order to enable them to buy basic essentials such as clothing, ID documents and phones.  This year our grant fund is under pressure more than ever with the year that we have had! Small Grants make a real difference to ex-offenders and provide them with critical support to start them on their journey of rehabilitation. We want to continue to be able to contribute to those that need a helping hand and we are dependent on donations for this. If you would like to donate, we would massively grateful. Please email for more information or to make a donation.