“Prison in the Community, Community in the prison”


HACRO are opening an hour earlier from Monday to Thursday!


The Visitor Centre doors will open at 3.30pm from Monday to Thursday from Monday the 27th of June 2022.


Come early for your visit for a chat, refreshments, and activities for children.


We look forwards to seeing you!

The VC Team

HACRO makes prison visits less stressful.

HACRO looks after the running of the Visitor Centre and Tea Bar just outside the front entrance to HMP The Mount where we offer hot and cold drinks as well as snacks. This is where the offenders’ families arrive to be checked in, which can be a lengthy procedure. We open an hour before visiting hours, as people come from all over the county (and beyond) for their visit. We make people feel welcome and we have been told that we are greatly appreciated by our visitors, some of whom have travelled many hours for their visit. We also offer a well-equipped play area for children.


Our staff and team of 14 volunteers aims to make visits easier and stress-free whenever possible by lending a friendly ear, explaining the ropes to new visitors or just by serving them a nice cup of tea with a genuine smile and a friendly chat.

We work together with the prison staff to make sure prison regulations are observed at all times but with the best interest of our visitors at heart.

We work together with the prison staff to make sure prison regulations are observed at all times but with the best interest of our visitors at heart.


Our impact

The visitor centre is a key part of HACRO’s work to reduce re-offending. Research shows that stronger connections with family reduces the risk of reoffending, yet many visitors find visiting difficult and stressful. HACRO:

  • supports better quality, less stressful prison visiting;
  • reduces the stigma of visiting friend and family in prison; and
  • creates greater feelings of connectedness, improving relationships between prisoners, friends and family.

98% of visitor’s surveyed in 2019-20 said that the centre was helpful or very helpful. Commenting about play facilities respondents said:
“my youngest son enjoys coming and it makes travelling the distance easier”, “keeps them calm” and allows “time for adults to talk”.

27,571 adults and 10,817 children used the Visitors’ Centre – that’s 38,388 visitors annually.

Visits Hall

Once all security checks have been carried out the visitors are taken to the Visits Hall which is inside the prison. This is a long room with tables and seats for the offenders and their families and can be a daunting place for both adults and children. This space contains a café and a Play Area for children of prisoners on a visit.

Image 2

Children’s Play Area – within the Prison

HACRO have been instrumental in running a Children’s Play area where qualified play supervisors provided by the Hertfordshire CDA and Volunteers recruited by HACRO work alongside each other.

This area has been specifically developed for children to play safely when their parents need to talk privately and this has been enhanced thanks to a grant by the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire, where we were able to set up a separate area for older children to use, with includes table football.

The number of children using the service continues to grow and as we were able to put on more sessions
so that 5,602 children used the play area in 2017-18.

In our latest Visitor Survey, 80% of the visitors who commented said the Play Area was good or very good – which is a strong endorsement of this venture.