The HACRO Achievement Awards 2018 celebrate the journey some ex-offenders have made in turning their lives around. For some this may be the first time in their lives have been recognised for anything positive.


HACRO Achievement Awards 2018: ex-offender turning their lives around


This year’s Award ceremony will be sponsored by the University of Hertfordshire and will be held in their Weston Auditorium at 6pm on 15 May 2018. The event will be also sponsored by the High Sheriff 2018/19 Suzy Harvey, the current High Sheriff, Will Hobhouse and Chairman of the County Council, Richard Thake. Refreshments will be provided.

All the individual Awards will be sponsored by different organisations and we are grateful to those who have already committed their support. Winners will receive £100 in gift vouchers, a framed certificate and a photograph taken with the High Sheriff. However, the greatest prize to many ex-offenders and their families is the public recognition, respect and accolade for their achievements.


HACRO Achievement Awards 2018: ex-offender turning their lives around

Nomination Categories

We have decided against defining award categories this year. Instead, the Selection Panel will have a free hand in deciding on award categories and who the winners should be based on the story, not on categories. You are invited to nominate anyone you feel has made significant progress in turning their lives around. They may have overcome addiction, made progress on an Order, succeeded in finding long-term employment, undertaken educational or training opportunities, shown commitment to volunteering or mentoring or been a role model to their peers. We want you to tell us for what reasons their efforts deserve to be recognised.

Nominees need to be able and willing to attend the ceremony on 15 May.

Proposers are also invited to come and tell the audience the reasons for the nominee being put forward. Please ensure that nominations are received at by 13 April 2018

Valerie Beale
HACRO Trustee