BBO Strive - Case Studies

Case study: J

Prolific offender with substance issues, on C2 (choices and consequences) programme.

• Boxercise
• Digswell woodworking
• Barista course
• CSCS training
• Streetworks course (road engineering)

• Volunteered at hostel gym, trained as Sports •
• Mentor – now mentors at 2 gyms.
• Moved from supported housing to own home.

Aiming for: next level of Streetworks course; then full employment.

“Going to the Boxercise helped me to manage my anger better, raised my confidence and also sparked my interest in boxing again. Going to Digswell gave me the skills I need for future work. [HACRO Mentor] Tony has been brilliant. He has always been there when I’ve needed someone to speak to. He always gives good advice; I have a lot of respect for him.”

Case study: M

Conviction ended professional career. Lost confidence about job search. Struggled living on benefits.


• Reviewed CV and cover
   letters for job search. Drafted disclosure letter
• Retargeted roles applied for.
• Encouraged to seek more challenging volunteer roles.


• Obtained volunteer position at substance recovery organisation using professional skills
• Invited to numerous interviews for professional roles
• Now employed at a substance recovery organisation in a professional role.

“The project has done wonders for me and I have learnt new things I never knew. With [HACRO Mentor] Michelle’s help, it has initiated me to get into volunteering and it has opened doors for me to get a job. Meeting Michelle has been the best thing to happen and has given me the guidance towards getting myself back into employment”