About Us:

Hertfordshire Association for the Care and Rehabilitation of Offenders
(HACRO) is a charity that helps people who have been on the wrong side of
the law to turn their lives around. We do this by delivering family support and
ex-offender employment programmes – both proven to reduce re-offending.
The latest estimate for total annual costs of crime in England and Wales for
crimes against individuals and businesses is £59 billion. Reoffending rates are
28-30% with consequent costs to individual victims, families, and society.
Our Vision is a world in which everyone on the wrong side of the law has the
chance to turn their lives around and lead a life fully contributing to society.
Our mission is to offer support for offenders, potential offenders and their
families to make positive changes in their lives.


HACRO in numbers 2020:

• 10% increase in income up to £238,200.

• 58 small grants given out to support ex-offenders essentials to settle and
gain employment or training.

• 46 volunteers working across HACRO.

• 40-50% growth of programmes in 2019-20.

• Skills and knowledge learned feedback scores 90% to 100%.

• Wellbeing score 25% improvement on the Warwick-Edinburgh Index.

• 49 prolific offenders supported through Project Strive.

• 98% of visitors surveyed said that the HACRO Visitor Centre at HMP The
Mount was helpful.

Our work:

We do this by providing a range of education, training and well-being
programmes, including:
• employment programme BBO Strive (Building Better Opportunities –
Support and Transition Routes into Volunteering and Employment), which
helps to rehabilitate previously prolific offenders;
• Work-Ability – a work-readiness programme which provides
preparation for work training, vocational courses and builds links to
• the Caring Dads programme which delivers parenting skills to men
against whom there have been allegations of domestic abuse; and
• HACRO also runs Visitor Centre at HMP The Mount in Bovingdon,
which makes prison visits less stressful for families and children and supports
ongoing family contact; and
We also champion our belief in second chances by working with influential
partners in the community of Hertfordshire and neighbouring counties to
encourage support for the care and resettlement of offenders.